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It Literacy In The Work Place

Are you IT Literate?

Date : 11-07-2012

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Uploaded by : Sundarrajan
Uploaded on : 11-07-2012
Subject : Information Technology

In this economic climate it is becoming increasingly important to be IT literate. But what does it mean to be IT literate? If you are not confident in (using): 1) Search Engines. Advanced Search, Boolean operators, how to stop spam/fake sites 2) Word Processors. Creating professional documents, spell check and how it works, table creation, adding images, online word processors, free word processors (FREE alternatives to Microsoft Word) 3) Spreadsheets. Use and create formulas, references, macros, creating charts and graphs, online spreadsheets and free spreadsheet software (FREE alternatives to Microsoft Excel) 4) Web Browsers. Know the difference between Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and add ons 5) Virus/Malware Scanners. What are trojans, viruses, malware, worms? What steps can I take to protect my computer from infection? How can I get free virus scanners? How to remove infection for FREE using a DIY reboot CD. How to back up and save your files online/offline for FREE. Finally where to go for FREE advice if all else fails. 6) Common Keyboard Commands. Take and save screenshots, copy and paste, undo, redo, cut, show desktop, log out, sleep, move cursor to the start of the line, etc 7) Surfing the Internet Safely. To prevent online fraud and to make sure data is encrypted. . you would not be classed as computer literate. However, I am here to help. I am a second year Computer Information Systems student providing a unique service to help adults and students (looking for quick help on their IT coursework) understand the basics of computers and how to use them effectively and efficiently.

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