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Mathematics in real life applications

Algebra Computer Science Cryptology (and the Protection of financial accounts with encrypted codes) Scheduling tasks on processors in a heterogeneous multiprocessor computing network...

Office 2016 New Features. Excel

Introducing... Microsoft Excel 2016 That's right, Microsoft are about to release Office 2016. While most of us have at some stage upgraded to Office 2010 or 2013, many are still usin...

Why do we study Logarithms?

Long before calculators were invented, the human race have been performing arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) on huge numbers. Scientists working ...

Understanding Mathematics

Why Mathematics? Mathematics is a subject one can relate in his day to day life. One may not need to calculate distance to moon in his everyday life but definitely to manage money ...

Basic knowledge about C,C++,PHP

C language=>C is a programming language developed by Denis Retchie. C i a widely popular language & it `s a basic language to learn the technical things. Generally in C we concentrate...

Why Do We Need Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of Maths that looks into collecting data for analysis in order to find out how that data affects a certain scenario. However, you may ask: why do we need it? It...

Learning Maths

Most of us are intelligent enough to master mathematics. Very often when students do not receive proper guidance and instructions they do not achieve their full potential. Failure is ...

Learning of Mathematics

How to learn mathematics and teach math are very hot question and thing of worry to not only children and parents but this subject catch attention at the national and international le...
Bindu Madhavi

Basics on Electronics

There is a very wide range of electronics components available from passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and quartz crystals to active components including semi...

How to Show Confirmation MessageBox Before Insert data using JavaScript?

How to Show Confirmation MessageBox Before Insert data using JavaScript? In a `Submit` Button i am usign `OnClientClick` attribute to show Confirmation MessageBox as Follows: On...
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