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Create Your First Html Web Page

Understanding Basic HTML Code to Create your First Web Page

Date : 10-07-2012

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Lal Mani

Uploaded by : Lal Mani
Uploaded on : 10-07-2012
Subject : HTML

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language. It's the 'code' that's behind every webpage. Surprisingly, it's actually quite simple. To start off with copy the following HTML code into notepad. Be sure to copy the code exactly, otherwise your web page may not function correctly. HTML Code: ============================= My First Web page

My first webpage!

=============================== The above code (between the double lines) is all that is required to create a basic web page! Now save your file in notepad by selecting Menu and then Save. Click on the Save as Type drop down box and select the option All Files. When asked to name your file, type "index.html", without the quotes. Double check that you did everything correctly and then press save. Remember where it was saved to because you will need to open this file, soon! To view your web page, you are going to have to use a web browser (of course). Web browsers are programs that interpret HTML, like what you have just copied into notepad, and transform that code into a visual representation, or a web page. To view your web page, you must open the "index.html" file. Do you remember where you file is? Good, then navigate to its location. When you find your file, index.html, double-click the file to open it and watch it load in your web browser Success! You have just viewed your very first webpage. All you need to learn now is how to use "tags" to change text colour, add images, make forms and even tables. And for that you`ll need some lessons! Saleem

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